Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nueva Esperanza Girls

If you are interested in seeing some beautiful pics of the girls and our pilot program from this year click the link below. We are currently 7 but praying for God to help us grow to 17!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nueva Esperanza

Tears for Joy launches

Nueva Esperanza—New Hope Girl’s School

We are full of hope about all that 2011 has for us and the people we serve. It’s been a year since the earthquake in Haiti, although I never traveled to Port-Au-Prince it changed my life. It was traumatic and it still makes me cry. What I know for sure is that even in the most devastating, heart wrenching circumstances God is there, there is beauty to be found in the ashes, and opportunities to be part of that beauty.

We traveled to Haiti shortly after the earthquake and found Loveka…beauty in the ashes. We have unique opportunities to be post signs of God’s presence, grace and hope in the barrios and the ash pits here in the Dominican Republic too. We have committed ourselves to working with and for what the scriptures call the, “least of these.” Providing New Hope where there was no sign of hope before.

We know only too well that what we are

doing is nothing more that a drop in the ocean.

But if the drop were not there,

the ocean would be missing something.

–Mother Teresa

Here we go…

With your help the girl’s pilot program of 7 girls is fully funded and now we are preparing for the next step. We will add the 10 upcoming fifth graders and are praying for the funds to buy a building that has become available in the perfect location almost move in ready. We need partners…trailblazers who are willing and able to invest in this exciting first step. We need prayer warriors…serious about the business of spiritual warfare. We need every kind of physical and emotional support and we invite you to get involved. For me it is a privilege, an honor and a labor of love.

“Bring the homeless poor into the house, when you see the naked, cover him, then your light will break out like the dawn and your recovery will speedily spring forth, then your Lord will be your rear guard.” Isaiah 58 “That is a powerful incentive: “The Lord will watch your back.” Sounds like a good deal to me.” --Bono

Financial opportunities

  • It all adds up, give as you feel led...
  • $20,000 for the purchase of a new building
  • $50 a month to sponsor our preventative medical care program
  • $100 a month to sponsor a student (17 girls)
  • $300 a month to sponsor our feeding program.
  • $500 a month to sponsor a teacher (2 teachers)

Prayer Warriors

  • Cover us in prayer EVERY Day praying…
  • That God might be our rear guard
  • That ONLY the voice of God move and direct our steps
  • That God continue to provide financially for the program and also send workers to labor alongside us.
  • To tear down generations of bondage and protection for those on the battle field.
  • For the girls and their leaders to hunger and thirst for more of what truly satisfies.

Workers and co laborers—

  • student sponsorship manager
  • web design and management
  • Communications—photos, brochures, mailings, Blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, video, etc. (both nationally and internationally)
  • Full time boarding school mom
  • North American Trained teaching partner

Matching Funds for New Donors

TEARS School is funded by the generous donations of a few very faithful donors. They are long time committed supporters and without even one of them TEARS School could be in real danger of not being able to sustain its current level of service.


As we begin to dream about growth it is imperative that our donor base also grows. In an effort to stimulate that growth our Canadian foundation is willing to match up to $500 in monthly donations of new donors. This full amount of $1000 a month would fund our fifth grade girls program for this school year.
Prayerfully consider partnering with TEARS for Joy Girl's School to build bright lights and bright minds in the barrios of the Dominican Republic.
Donations can me mailed to 3614 NE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97213. *Note that ONLY funds designated TEARS for Joy will reach the Girl's School budget.

Real Life Math

In an effort to reduce the need for hundreds of copies and perhaps even textbooks we have decided to take the list of required math objectives and put them to use in real life; posing scenarios, problems and real life problems to solve.


The first scenario of the year in fifth grade involved the uniform. What do you want your uniform to look like? Will it be more cost effective to have it made in the DR or purchased from abroad? They learned to take measurements and calculate yardage. They were asked to bid the project finding what a reasonable cost of labor to have them made would be. They were required to integrate English, figure exchange rates and shipping costs. In the end they decided to buy their uniforms from the Children’s Place with a 20% of coupon.

Don’t they look Fabulous!!!!

Pray Hard

When I was traveling in the states and Canada this summer people would often ask, “Besides money, what do you need.” I sincerely responded to all of them, “prayer”. I believe that prayer is our lifeline. I believe that prayer can make things happen. I believe it changes things, everything. I believe it is the force, the power that God has given us to hear His holy sovereign voice. May it be the Only voice that moves us. We beg for your prayers we are in desperate need of them.